Let me say first and foremost thank you so much for visiting the world I have built out of these melodies and words.   My name is Caleb Lemond and  I am an independent artist based out of the city of Pittsburgh.   I tell stories  through my music, and I tell them as honestly as I can in the hopes that they may aid others in some small way in this beautifully confusing and complex thing we call life.  

The style of my music is difficult to describe, not because I am so creative that I have come up with something brilliantly innovative, but because I have had very diverse influences.   As a teenager my ears were glued to  nothing but the best lyricists in Hip Hop history from Tupac Shakur, Nas, Lupe Fiasco, to Rakim and Talib Kweli.   It was at this  time that I fell in love with the complex story telling that the structure of Rap music allows for.   This is largely why many of my songs  are comprised of 16 bar verses as they in my opinion allow for a more comprehensive lyrical delivery.   In recent years I've  grown to love the passion and simplicity of folk music and attempt to incorporate this into my music as well.  Somewhere in between these two vastly different genres lies the sound that I create.  I hope you like it, but I am  sure it is not for everyone.  

The  fine folks at Emerging Indie Bands had this to say about my style 

"Caleb Lemond is of third generation dub with the infusions of the genre which has always been a little ahead of the curve of spin-offs from which much else takes its indicator –  lays out a tasty treat of street and club music to come. Trippy EDM spires across the room in a sound that rather than finding the listener with clenched jaw discovers them with flexing toes and the hip-hop tracts are not of confrontational conceit, rather reminiscent of a playful vocal vogue as the steadfast banner of reggae beat strides with flag waving around the room drawing all behind it."  You can read the entire feature here

My career in music can scarcely even be described as such.  That is because I still work as a Behavior Technician with children with Autism full time.  So all that you hear, read, or watch has been created in addition to my full time job.  After hours art if  you  will.  I would love to one day be able to support myself off of my art alone and be able to share it on a larger scale and in person but for now I am content to share with the world  via the internet.   I have been writing poems and such since I was a senior in  high school but did not begin playing music until I was a sophomore in college.  Since then I have been progressing slowly as an artist towards greater and  greater authenticity in terms of lyrical content.   As a result writing has become a very useful tool for me in terms  of processing life events both large and small.  

I believe that all art holds incredible power in terms of transferring energy and concepts (both negative and positive) and I would love to use what small gifts I possess as an artist to send peaceful and hopeful messages into  the world.    That in the end is my only goal with music.  

I have only just recently wrapped up the production of my first full length project entitled "The Endless Paradox"  You can download it for free here on this  site :) Stay tuned for coming videos and expansions upon this project in the coming months!  

Currently I am working on a new project with a friend of mine who is a exceptionally  talented producer and goes by the stage name of Picasso.   You can check out his other work on

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